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One of the appealing aspects of raw cashews is the benefits that it brings to those that eat them. When combined with raw cashews’ sweet, buttery taste, the boons associated with raw cashews make them a sought-after food. NEX, we’re passionate about cashew, and we would like our customers to know the reasons why a diet rich in raw cashews can be beneficial.

 Cashews Are Rich in Nutrients

Raw cashews has significant amounts of copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous, iron, selenium, thiamine, vitamin K, and vitamin B6. Raw cashews have little sugar, but they have plenty of fiber, unsaturated fats, and plant proteins. That’s a significant amount of nutritional value from 18 raw cashews.

 Cashews Contain Antioxidants

Raw cashews are a strong source of polyphones and arytenoids, which are two types of antioxidants. Antioxidants are plant-based compounds that cancel out malignant molecules called free-radicals. This cancellation by antioxidants reduces inflammation in the body and boosts the body’s immune system.

Raw Cashews Assist with Weight Loss

One ounce of raw cashews has 151 calories.  And only 81% of those calories are absorbed due to some of the fat in cashews being trapped in the seed’s fibrous wall. Raw cashews also have High Level amounts of fiber and Proteins, which make the body feel full sooner, leading to taking in less food.

 Raw Cashews Improve Heart Health

Regularly consuming raw cashews reduces one’s LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases one’s HDL (good) cholesterol, which in turn reduces one’s chances of developing heart disease or strokes. In addition, raw cashews have been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure and triglycerides in the body. The nutrients in raw cashews also assist in blood clotting.

Cashews Promote Good Bone Health

Roughly 2/3 of the magnesium in our bodies are in our bones. Since raw cashews are a great source of magnesium, eating raw cashews can lead to stronger bones and lower chances of developing osteoporosis.

The magnesium in cashews is also essential in the formation of bones as it helps with calcium assimilation into the bone. Another mineral in cashews, which is Manganese, has been shown to prevent osteoporosis in combination with calcium and copper.

Thus, we see the cashew nuts health benefits in this blog. Due to the numerous health benefits of cashew nuts, you must consume a controlled proportion of cashew nuts frequently.

 Raw Cashews Help to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

For people with type 2 diabetes, adding cashew to their diet can essentially control the blood sugar level. It is a good source of fibre, a nutrient that helps prevent blood sugar spikes. However, due to high-calorie content, it is recommended to have only 3-4 cashews per day.

Cashews Promote a Healthy Metabolism.

The manganese in one ounce of raw cashews fortifies the body’s metabolism. This allows the body to more efficiently breaks down proteins, fats, and cholesterol.

Cashews Can Help Treat Depression

Cashews are rich in tryptophan, a neuro-chemical that our bodies turn into serotonin. They are also rich in magnesium and vitamin B6, both essential for the overall health and for controlling mood swings. Stick with unsalted nuts and avoid large packages.

 Cashews Can Be Enjoyed in a Variety of Ways

Raw cashews can be eaten as-is, just like commercially-available Cashews nuts. Raw cashews can also be included in a variety of dishes, including salads and entrees. Even a number of desserts can be made with raw cashew. Turning raw cashews into cashew butter is another option for cashew consumption. Though this may seem less important than previous benefits, the ability to enjoy raw cashews in new and unique ways will keep the raw cashews unique and exciting.

Beneficial for hair 

Copper present in cashew helps produce  hair pigment-melanin that enhances hair colour.  The essential fatty acids also keep your hair shiny and healthy. 

Good for eye health 

Cashews contain zeaxanthin and lutein which are antioxidants that protect from UV rays. The antioxidant pigments naturally occur in the eyes and are an essential defence against damaging light and may reduce the risks of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

NEX  Provides  You  High-Quality  of  Raw Cashews

NEX online store sells a variety of cashew-based products.  Our Products based on  fair-trade, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and organic. NEX cashews as either whole, halved, or in cashew pieces. Our customers can buy raw cashews in 2KG bags, 3KG bags, or 4KG bags.  For customers with a strong need for raw cashews, we offer 50KG bags of raw cashews, sold at over 20% off of the retail price.

Customers who would like to learn more about the benefits of eating raw cashews, to provide comments or feedback, or to share their raw cashew stories are urged to contact us, as we want to share our passion for cashews with the rest of the world.

Raisin Benefits For Healthy Life | NEX

NEX Raisins are the delicious and popular variety in Dry Fruits. They are obtained by drying grapes either in the sun or in dryers such that they turn golden, green or black in color. They are produced in many regions of the world and may be eaten raw. They are made from dehydrated grapes. Here on this page, we will see various health benefits of raisins.

These Health Benefits of Raisins helps in getting relief from several diseases:-

Health Benefits of Raisins: Raisins are very beneficial for health. Especially in winter, its intake can provide relief in many diseases. Actually, Raisin is a sour-sweet dry fruit that is prepared by drying the grapes. Raisins are also having all the qualities of grapes. It is often used in home-made sweet dishes. People also like to eat raisins by adding raisins. Also, the raisin is an integral part of our fine dishes such as Halwa and Kheer. Raisin imparts the best taste to these delicious items. Apart from its delicious taste, it has tremendous benefits as well. It is very useful in curing various diseases in winters. So, we are talking about the health benefits of raisins.

Rich in Nutrients

Raisin pack more nutrition than their small size might indicate. Raisin, like dried apricots, figs, and prunes, they indeed are rich and concentrated sources of energy, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Additionally, they contain potassium and magnesium at good levels.

Benefits of Raisins – Reduce Acidity

This reduces acidity and helps to remove the toxins from the system, preventing diseases like arthritis, gout, kidney stones and they are beneficial not only for gastrointestinal problems but also for constipation.

Boost Energy

They are rich in crabs, especially natural sugars, they give you a quick boost of energy when youre feeling sluggish, without weighing you down.

Benefits of Raisins – Treats Anemia

The copper present in raisin also helps in the production of red blood cells and B-Complex vitamins in them which help to treat anemia.

Helps in Constipation

Consuming raisins daily can relieve constipation. it’s nothing in need of a panacea for constipation. Let the raisins soak in water and eat it for more benefits. Drinking it with hot milk at the night is very useful against constipation.

Good for Stomach

Having a few raisins every day is good for your stomach. Raisins contain fibers that start to swell in the presence of water a source of concentrated nutrients.

Keep the Teeth in Good Shape

Raisin prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth to keep the teeth in good shape. As they contain calcium in good quantities, they also prevent the teeth from peeling away or breakage.

Benefits of Raisins for Skin Health

These help in keeping the skin healthy and beautiful and Growing.  The antioxidants in raisins speed up the skin repair system, plump out the skin and prevent it from damage. They also rejuvenate the skin cells and prevent sagging of the skin.

Reduce Chronic Disease Risk

A daily dose of raisins may also reduce your chronic disease risks.

Benefits of Raisins to Strengthen Bones

Raisins are a rich source of calcium, which is necessary to strengthen bones and teeth.

Weight Loss

If you are troubled by weight gain problem, then raisins can prove to be beneficial for you. By using it regularly, you can easily control your increasing weight. Try to eat five to six raisins regularly to cut off the fat and reduce your weight.

Help Prevent Cancer:

An antioxidant named catching present in raisins helps in protecting the body against the free radical activity that can cause tumors and colon cancer .

Corrects Iron Deficiency

Raisin is rich in iron and copper, which are necessary for the formation of red blood cells. They also help to correct iron deficiency anemia and promote blood clotting during wound healing.

Raisins are an inexpensive, easy and portable food that can help you meet that requirement. Raisins are dried grapes and both provide you with the same nutrients, but the nutrients in raisins are more concentrated. They can be eaten raw or used for cooking, baking, and brewing. They are widely used in cultural cooking in desserts, cookies, pies, puddings as well as savory dishes.


NEX Peri-Peri Makhana 100gm

1) They are low in cholesterol fat and sodium. This makes them an ideal snack to satiate those in-between meal hunger pangs.

2) They are beneficial to those suffering from high Blood Pressure heart diseases and obesity due to their high magnesium and low sodium content.

3) Makhanas are recommended for diabetics too due to their low glycemic index.

4) An anti-ageing enzyme in these seeds is said to help repair damaged proteins.

5) They are low in calories, making them an ideal snack for weight loss

Enjoy PERI- PERI Makhana in your snacks .

NEX Almonds All Products- 250g

NEX Premium Almond Kernels – (250gm)

Almonds are good for an active life without compromising on taste for health. Uniformly roasted for a crunchy bite, these are available in an easy-to-open and re-salable stand up packs Almond Kernels.

Almonds Kernel

NEX Salted & Roasted Mono Carton Almonds – (250gm)

They lock in freshness and deliver great taste. Its functional design makes it an ideal for travel as well as a party snack with the goodness of health which provides consumers with the advantage of multiple time product use instead of one-time snacking Salted and Roasted Mono Carton Almonds

NEX Premium Common Pouch Almond -(250gm)

NEX PREMIUM Almonds will keep your energy up without filling you up! Fresh and Crisp, a handful makes up a smart snack. Almonds, generally considered a Brain Food for kids, are also an ingredient in trail mixes, traditional Indian sweets, cookies, biscuits or chocolates. Nutrient content: high in protein, vitamin e and fiber. Can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.Best snack: crunchy, delicious and nutritious nuts and dry fruits fit to consume at any time of the day.Use them in your recipes and as garnishing and make your meals unforgettable.

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