NEX Roasted Peri Peri Makhana Fox Nut (100 g)


Peri Peri Makhana

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NEX Roasted Peri Peri Makhana Fox Nut :-


  • Makhana is a super food which is 100% natural, protein rich.
  • Gluten free and wheat free. It is high in nutrients, low in cholesterol, contains no trans-fat and sodium.
  • Roasted Peri Peri  makhana  fox nuts. They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium.
  • This makes them an ideal snack to satiate those in-between meal hunger pangs.
  • They are low in cholesterol and fat.
  • Each jar contains 100 gm of flavored Makhana.

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Salted & Pepper, Chatpata, Hing Jeera, Peri Peri, Barbeque, Pudina Pop, Masala Magic


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