NEX Premium Common Pouch Almond (250gm)


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NEX Premium Common Pouch Almond :-

  • Almonds are good for an active life without compromising on taste for health. Uniformly roasted for a crunchy bite, these are available in an easy-to-open and re-sealable stand up packs.
  • They lock in freshness and deliver great taste. Its functional design makes it an ideal for travel as well as a party snack with the goodness of health which provides consumers with the advantage of multiple time product use instead of one-time snacking.
  • NEX PREMUIM Almonds will keep your energy up without filling you up! Fresh and Crisp, a handful makes up a smart snack. Almonds, generally considered a Brain Food for kids, are also an ingredient in trail mixes, traditional Indian sweets, cookies, biscuits or chocolates. Gift some or eat some.


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